“Pony” Rides

Have a child with you who wants to ride a horse, but is too young? He or she might be able to go on a pony ride with us! Younger cowpokes (5 or under) can go on a "pony ride" at our corrals. They'll be on the back of a saddled horse and one of you responsible adults can lead them around our corrals area, complete with picture-perfect views of those gorgeous red cliffs. A guide will be present with you and can even walk beside your child to make sure the lil' one stays safely aboard.

*please note that these rides are not always available; please check in advance to ensure booking.


If your child is 5 or under, they might be able to experience a similar ride to their older brothers and sisters. While the older crew is out riding, you can walk alongside your child, mounted on one of our fantastic kid horses, around our corrals area under the watchful eye of a present guide. There are several options for day rides. Right from our barn under the gorgeous red rock cliffs of the Velvet Ridge we take people out on 1-hour and 2-hour rides. These trails cross the Fremont River and lazily wind under the cliffs, offering spectacular views and the possibility of seeing local fauna such as golden eagles, red foxes, and the ubiquitous rabbits.


Price: $20.00

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