Fly Fishing – Private Waters  – Fremont River

With over 6 miles of private river, our catch-and-release fly-fishing is world famous. This pristine, slow moving, meandering river produces some of the best fly fishing any where in the world! The average fish (Browns & Bows) caught here is 18” with plenty of opportunity to land fish over 20”. One of the many reasons that make this river so special, is that most of the fish caught and released here are taken on the surface! For the fly fishing purist, this is a dream come true!

The aquatic insect hatches are consistent from year-to-year and our world class guides know them as well as they know the river itself. They are sure to provide you with a fly-fishing trip to remember! As part of our packages we also provide fly-fishing schools for both the beginner and novice. With the help of our experienced guides, even the total beginner will learn to cast a fly rod, learn about the aquatic insect life on the Fremont River, stock wild trout, and catch & release the fish they catch.

Our prime time is between May to mid-July with the Blue Wing Olive, Caddis, Midge and Stonefly hatches being the most predominant. The fish here will take terrestrials, especially hoppers and ants most of the year, and will even feed on small mice! We get an amazing Salmon Fly hatch in June for about 2 weeks, and from the middle of July to the end of September we will have clouds of Tricos on the water.

We suggest that you book your trips early so you can assure yourselves a spot during these months of unparalleled fly fishing. We also guarantee that while you are on the river with us, our CPR and First Aid certified guides will provide you with absolute privacy! With almost 7 miles of the Fremont River on the ranch, we can accommodate up to 16 anglers (2 per guide) and guarantee that you will not run into another angler except during breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Whether you are a professional or total beginner, we know you will have a memorable fly fishing experience with Backcountry Outfitters at Red River Ranch!

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