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Four Wheel Drive Tours and ATV rentals

The Canyonlands Region of the Colorado Plateau hosts a network of four-wheel drive trails. A majority of this network was created during the 40’s and 50’s. It was during this time that prospectors, hoping to strike it rich by locating uranium in the triassic layer, built roads to access potential uranium mines in these rugged, remote canyonlands areas.

Terrain previously accessible only by foot or horseback could be reached by those intrepid enough to travel these trails. Today we have the advantage of independent suspension and air conditioning to make the journey safer and more enjoyable!

These 4×4 driving tours are perfect for those interested in photography, geology, archeology, and history. They are also ideal for families or those who want to see the land in comfort. We provide lunch, an expert guide, and all of the supplies for a worry-free adventure.

Our ATV (also called 4-wheelers) rentals offer you a more individual experience as you travel the land under your own power, stopping to snap pics and take in the views at your own leisure. Our ATVs can be ridden directly from our store to dirt roads and trails that head up into the local mountains. They’re a fun way to see this gorgeous area up close! We provide instruction, helmets, and a safety overview, as well as directions to the best trails.

Book a trip with us today for an unforgettable excursion into the backcountry sandstone terrain of the beautiful southern Utah canyonlands!

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