Horse Rides

Our horses our gentle and experienced trail horses, 2015 marks our 16th year of sharing trails traveled by some of our area’s earliest settlers. ¬†Rich with history and beauty these unique traveling experiences are not to be missed.


For the early settlers, travel into the labyrinth of the Canyonlands Region was often on horseback. Today we enjoy the same benefit of this timeless form of exploration on these versatile animals. To enhance your experience we take you out in small or large groups to some of our favorite places on trail systems that have existed for centuries.

Our experienced guides offer their insight and expertise on geology, archeology, and local history. We offer a variety of trips from hourly to multi-day pack trips. We accept riders from ages 6 to 106 provided they are physically able to ride. We may let the little buckaroo ride a horse on a lead rope (led by the guide) if they are unable to control their own trusty steed.


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