Half Day Horse Ride Capitol Reef National Park

Half Day Horse Ride


Capitol Reef National Park or Alpine Mountain Ride

Half Day Horse Ride Capitol Reef National Park

Our half day horse ride in Capitol Reef National Park is a sublime experience. We have a number of trails to choose from, but our favorite one is in Pleasant Creek Canyon, which is the most scenic canyon in the entire park! The trail winds through the canyon and crosses the stream multiple times. You will see ancient rock art left behind by Fremont, Paiute, and Ute Indians, enjoy the shade of the cottonwood trees in spring or their blazing color in fall, and keep a sharp eye out for bighorn sheep and their young. We stop for lunch and enjoy the views of the surrounding sandstone walls while listening to the burble of the creek as it flows by.

Pleasant Creek Horse Ride Capitol Reef National Park

Want a really good idea of what this trail looks like? Check out our video of a horseback ride through Pleasant Creek Canyon in Capitol Reef to see what we’re talking about.

Boulder Mountain 1/2 day horse ride

Our half-day ride is geared for the more adventurous rider who wishes to get off the beaten path. On this ride you will ascend the verdant benches of nearby Boulder Mountain, which provides cooler weather on warm days and a surprising change of scenery from the surrounding desert. Up on the mountain, fragrant pines, beautiful lakes, and endless views are a part of your adventure. Lunch is provided.


Our half-day rides leave at either 9am or 1pm and include lunch. All you have to bring is water, long pants, closed-toed shoes, a hat, camera, sunscreen, and a jacket in the event of weather. All items can be put in the saddlebags or tied onto the saddle.

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