Meet The Horses

CASH - A striking black yearling with white markings, this strapping lad is a recent product of our breeding program.

COUGAR - Strong and confident, this big chestnut gelding can carry even our tallest guests safely and surely over the most uneven terrain! The white freckles on his kind face reveal his Appaloosa heritage as he powers along the southern Utah trails.

DK - This former racehorse is our tallest horse…but he’s best with our smallest riders! Gentle and wise with age, DK works well with young children as well as big guys. And don’t worry, his racing days are far behind him. He’d much rather just amble along behind our guide and check out the scenery on the way.

DOC - A handsome product of our breeding program, Doc is highly curious about the world around him. Still used only by our guides, this sturdy gelding is turning into a very nice horse we are proud to call our own.

DOUBLE DOWN - This sweet young paint gelding is getting ready to become part of our string! Curious about people and very gentle, he is just starting to learn how to be a dude horse. Check back soon when Double Down has grown up enough to safely take you out on a ride.

ELI - Graceful, deliberate, and notable for both his black-and-white coloring as well as his one brown eye and one blue eye (no, he is not blind), Eli is a Spotted Saddle Horse who spent his early years in a show ring. Now a seasoned trail horse, join Eli on a ride to experience his smooth gaits and careful hoof placement on our favorite trails! A Pisces with Gemini rising, Eli enjoys numerous attempts to scratch his head with his hoof. And even though he’s lived here for years, he always approaches the same trails as if he were a tourist, taking in the sights with renewed appreciation and sometimes even surprise.

GINGER - One of our two mules, Ginger is cute, sweet, and great with beginners and youngsters. She loves going to work with the rest of the herd, and in fact doesn’t like to be left out of trips! If you’ve never ridden a mule before, Ginger will show you why they are such versatile, wonderful creatures as she takes you on a safe ride.

GIZMO - He looks like a white horse, but if you check him out more carefully, you’ll notice his entire tail is reddish-tan–surprise, Gizmo is actually a Paint horse! Sometimes affectionately called Gizmaticus, this gentle fellow performs his job with a steadiness our guests enjoy.

JACK - Tall and gorgeous, Jack intrigues our guests, especially when they notice that this beauty has only one eye. But this fact of his birth never altered Jack’s ability to just handle life. In fact, he’s also the undisputed king of the herd! Jack is a guide horse only.

JOSIE - A sweet dapple gray mare, this young lady only recently joined our herd. Josie is kind and eager to please. Still learning our trails, Josie is rapidly turning into a dependable outfitter horse. Currently, she is a guide horse only.

JUBAL - Our other mule, Jubal is an older fellow, fuzzy and soft and great with both kids and timid riders. He lives to please and loves to work…in fact, he often tries to follow the other horses when they are being led out of the corral, even if he is on a break from that particular ride! Try riding a mule and you will gain appreciation for their sure-footedness, kindness, and patience.

LADY - A mom several times over in our breeding program, Lady is also sister to Tramp, both spotted Appaloosas. Lady has mothered beautiful babies who are growing up to be great trail horses, including Two-Bit. If you’re lucky enough to visit us when Lady isn’t out to pasture with a nursing baby, you might get to experience her sweet personality on a ride.

LEONIDAS - Our half Thoroughbred, half Percheron stallion is the pride & joy of our breeding program. Named after the ancient Spartan king who died at the battle of Thermopylae, our Leo is gorgeous, quite gentle for a stallion, and fathers the most beautiful babies! As our breeding program expands, you eventually might be able to ride one of our very own Backcountry Outfitters-bred horses.

McGRAW - One of our most trustworthy kids’ horses, McGraw is a buckskin, a classic Western horse color. Accustomed to being at the front of the line with our youngest and most enthusiastic riders, McGraw has also taken very nervous young cowpokes for their first ride ever–and turned them into genuine horse lovers! Parents beware: after your youngster rides our trails on McGraw, they might start hinting at needing a horse of their own…!

PAMELA - This pretty red dun mare is very sweet, very careful on the trails, and at the moment very pregnant! With the father being a gorgeous back stallion, we are hoping for an equally lovely baby horse in the spring. Pamela is great with very nervous riders, as she is small, gentle, and can calm even the most apprehensive rider as she takes them on a safe, fun ride.

RUBY - This small dark red roan mare looks unintimidating, and she’s a great trail horse. Yet she’s also the queen of the herd, and she’ll let the other horses know that she is to be treated with all due deference! Solid and sure on the trails, Ruby won’t take a misstep as she safely navigates the surrounding desert and mountains.

SIS - A very pretty sorrel flaxen mare, this solid girl is half-draft horse and also mother to some beautiful babies. Still young and in training, Sis is a great pack horse and will someday soon make a a great trail horse for riders too…as soon as we decide we can bear to have a year without one of her gorgeous colts being born so we can take more time to train her.

SPLASH - His red-and-white Paint coloring looks like it was splashed on with a paint bucket! Splash is a savvy trail horse who is dependable and solid. He enjoys long trail rides where he can prove how trustworthy he is, and he’s just as happy to get home to the hay after a good day’s work.

TRAMP - An Appaloosa with a kind eye, Tramp is very dependable and knows our trails like the back of his…uh, hoof. Great with both kids and adults, this gelding could probably walk our trails with his eyes closed and still get you safely out there and back!

TWO-BIT - A very pretty Appaloosa with a white “blanket” over his hindquarters, this gelding is part of our breeding program and we are quite proud of his progress. Very close to being a solid guest horse, Two-Bit likes taking a look around during rides as he learns more and more every day about being a savvy and smart trail horse.