Capitol Reef Park Full Day Ride

Join us on an all-day horseback adventure through the stunning red rock canyons of Capitol Reef National Park. You may have the chance to see unexpected mini-waterfalls, ancient Fremont Indian rock art, and desert bighorn sheep (fairly likely in the spring months). This is a great way to experience the less-traveled yet still spectacularly gorgeous sights of Capitol Reef. Lunch is provided.


Absolutely no prior experience is necessary; in fact, we specialize in beginners. Our guides give a brief yet thorough instruction just before introducing you to your horse and starting the ride. We take people from 6 to 106 on our rides, provided they are physically able to ride. We may let the younger cowpokes ride a horse on a lead rope (led by the guide) if they are unable to control their own horse. The Capitol Reef area holds some of the most varied and interesting terrain in Utah. Part of the 100-mile long monocline called the Waterpocket Fold, an abrupt thousand-foot ridge made out of twisted sandstone, this region makes an ideal playground. During the cool spring and fall months, we warm up amongst the Sleeping Rainbow in the colorful desert red rock canyons of Capitol Reef. Here we will take in the impressive views of the “Little Grand Canyon,” where eons of water and wind have carved tirelessly into the rock creating convoluted sandstone pathways. The rim of the canyons can extend nearly 500 feet above the floor of the rim, creating cool narrows that offer relief from the desert heat.


Price: $180.00

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