Two Hour Ride

On-location. Our Most Popular Ride!  This ride is geared for beginners and experienced riders alike.  Also located within our corrals, this ride goes up to a great viewpoint that offers views of Capitol Reef National Park, Boulder Mountain, Thousand Lake Mountain and the Cockscomb.


Absolutely no prior experience is necessary; in fact, we specialize in beginners. Our guides give a brief yet thorough instruction just before introducing you to your horse and starting the ride. We take people from 6 to 106 on our rides, provided they are physically able to ride. We may let the younger cowpokes ride a horse on a lead rope (led by the guide) if they are unable to control their own horse. (Really little buckaroos can go on a "pony ride" at our corrals. They'll be on the back of a saddled horse and a parent can lead them around our corrals area, complete with picture-perfect views of those gorgeous red cliffs. A guide will be present and can even walk alongside to make sure the lil' one stays safely aboard.) Right from our barn under the red rocks of the Velvet Ridge, just three miles west of our retail store at the junction of Highways 24 and 12 in Torrey, we take people out on our 2-hour ride. The trail crosses the Fremont River and lazily winds under the cliffs towering overhead. Wonderful photo opportunities!


Price: $69.00

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