Boulder Mountain Full Day Ride

The full-day ride offers a really terrific way to intimately experience the land. As with the half day ride, you will ascend the verdant benches of nearby Boulder Mountain, but you will go farther and see more! Keep an eye out for jewel-like alpine lakes, circling hawks, and photo opportunities backdropped by gorgeous, endless vistas. This ride is also a great way to truly bond with your sure-footed, friendly steed. Lunch is provided.


Absolutely no prior experience is necessary; in fact, we specialize in beginners. Our guides give a brief yet thorough instruction just before introducing you to your horse and starting the ride. We take people from 6 to 106 on our rides, provided they are physically able to ride. During the warm summer months, we ride up Boulder Mountain where lakes and streams are interspersed amongst high mountain meadows and light, airy aspen groves. Once on top, we explore the gently undulating terrain of the Boulder Mountain (technically the highest timbered plateau in North America). Boulder Top, as it is referred to by the locals, features stellar views of Capitol Reef, the Henry Mountains, Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, and the Book Cliffs over 100 miles away!


Price: $180.00

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